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Fast, safe and effective
About Dr. Yglo

At Dr. Yglo we care about your well-being and skin without warts is one worry less. That’s why we’re here to help you restore clear, healthy skin and confidence with our reliable and innovative treatment solutions.

Quick and Easy to Use

Our easy-to-use and fast-acting treatments can be used in the comfort of your home and will get you wart free skin quickly.

Safe Solutions

You can safely treat warts and verrucas with our range of products without damaging surrounding skin.

Highly Effective

Whether you opt for our freeze treatment based on cryotherapy or our strong acid treatment both are highly effective in treating warts and verrucas.

Our solutions

Dr. Yglo offers a range of wart treatment products that are specially formulated to quickly remove warts, verrucas, or skin tags. Our treatments are not only effective, but go that bit further to ensure safe, simple and pain-free treatment of warts, verrucas, and skin tags at home.

At Dr. Yglo, ensuring product safety is our top priority. That’s why we produce and certify Dr. Yglo to meet the highest standards. We also believe in keeping things clear and simple. Our user-friendly treatments are ready to use right out of the packaging and deliver instant results.

Now that’s what we call clear and simple.

The science of our freeze products

Freezing therapy (cryotherapy) and peeling acid solutions are the best first-choice options for wart, verruca, and skin tag treatment. Dr. Yglo offers treatments based on these proven methods to help you achieve wart-free skin safely and effectively.

How does it work?
Freezing causes a blister to form under and around your wart, verruca, or skin tag. This lifts the wart away from the skin within about a week. After a treatment, the skin will blister and eventually fall off. That skin is dead and so is the virus within it, so it isn’t contagious anymore. The skin below is new, healthy skin.

The science of Dr. Yglo Wart and Verruca Freeze Treatment

Our Wart and Verruca Freeze Treatment is a clinically tested, state-of-the-art product based on the highly effective cryotherapy used by doctors which instantly freezes warts to the core with optimal contact time. It targets warts effectively, with results in 10-14 days and after just one application in most cases. Dr. Yglo’s innovative and patented detachable applicator allows you to treat warts and verrucas in hard-to-reach areas with pin-point accuracy and no damage to surrounding skin for pain-free and highly effective treatment.

Dr. Yglo’s detachable freezin’ good applicator

  • Detachable applicator to allow (child-friendly) treatment of difficult to reach places
  • No leakage of gas and no direct skin contact with the gas
  • Aluminium can with revolutionary Arctic cooling agent (DME)
  • The shape of the precision metal tip allows pinpoint accuracy on the wart/verruca, avoiding surrounding skin for pain-free application on warts of all sizes
  • The easy to use applicator allows you to adjust the size of the freezing area by pressing gently or more firmly depending on the wart size
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Treatment for
warts and verrucas

Dr. Yglo Wart and Verruca Freeze Treatment assures pin point accuracy and perfect freezing

Special tip
Perfect application

Pin point
app. 6mm

app. 3mm

The science of Dr. Yglo Verruca
Deep Freeze Treatment

Due to the location on the foot and the pressure applied while walking, verrucas often grow inward and can therefore be more painful than other warts. Treating them can be a bit trickier because the thickened skin on the soles of the feet makes it harder for wart treatments to penetrate and eliminate the virus.

Dr. Yglo’s special deep freezin’ good applicator

The revolutionary pointed precision tip of the Dr. Yglo Verruca Deep Freeze Treatment is designed to penetrate the skin more deeply, enabling a thorough freezing process that effectively targets and eliminates the internally growing verruca.

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Treatment for

Dr. Yglo verruca freeze treatment assures pin point accuracy and perfect freezing for verrucas

Special tip
For deeper freezing

Pin point
app. 6mm

More depth
app. 6mm

Check out our
Dr. Yglo Wart and Verruca
Freeze Treatment video


Dr. Yglo Wart and Verruca Freeze Treatment is a safe and easy to use treatment that you can conveniently use in the comfort of your own home.

What’s up with warts?
All you need to know
about warts and

Read our blog to discover everything you need to know about warts and verrucas and get answers to your most pressing questions about how warts and verrucas form and how to treat them.

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Whether you are looking for an acid or freezing method, Dr. Yglo can help you out with effective wart treatments. Find out which method is right for you!

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