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Dr. Yglo Acid Treatment

An easy-to-use acid remedy for warts and verrucas

Dr. Yglo provides a powerful and easy-to-use acid treatment for warts and verrucas. It contains Monochloroacetic Acid that is fast-acting and clinically proven to be an effective treatment to get rid of warts and verrucas.

  • Treats Warts & Verruca
  • Painless & Effective
  • Effective for Thick and Persistent Warts
  • Easy-to-use applicator
  • Once a week treatment
Step 1

Avoid contact with clothes, textiles and tablecloths. Before removing the cap from the vial, apply Vaseline or zinc ointment generously to the healthy skin surrounding the wart.

Step 2

Dr. Yglo Wart Treatment does have a child proof cap that can be opened as follows: Place the bottle on a hard surface which isn’t affected by the caustic fluid. You can open the bottle by pressing down the cap and turning it counterclockwise simultaneously.

Step 3

Remove the cap from the bottle. Then, apply a small amount to the wart using the spatula (do not allow the fluid to drip). Make sure that you only apply the fluid to the wart and do not dab the wart more than once.

Step 4

Allow the fluid to dry for a moment and do not cover the wart with anything.
Carefully close the bottle after use. The fluid will need a week to dissolve the top layer of the wart, so you will not see an immediate result after application.

How does Dr. Yglo Acid Treatment work?

Monochloroacetic acid (MCAA) Dr. Yglo Wart & Verruca Acid Treatment contains monochloroacetic acid (MCAA) 50%. MCAA is a corrosive acid-based solution and works in a similar way as salicylic acid and TCA, however MCAA is the strongest of the three.

Dr. Yglo Acid Treatment is:
• A convenient and easy way to treat and remove warts and verrucas at home
• Contains monochloroacetic acid (MCA) which is highly effective in treating warts and verrucas
• Removes warts and verrucas safely and painlessly
• Can be used straight out of the packaging and works instantly
• Suitable for children aged 4 and older
• Easy to use applicator


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